HAPPY Knowing what makes you happy and having the confidence to pursue it. Establishing healthy boundaries in all relationships. They shine from the inside out, consistently work on themselves, practice self-love, be authentic, and are positive and affect those around them in a positive way.


WHOLESOME Being your best authentic self. Eating clean and healthy. Being consistently active in a practice.


FREE Having purpose and fulfillment in your career, living in a comfortable and safe environment and feeling free to express yourself sexually with whomever you desire.





We are strong, independent lesbians, who are also mothers, lovers and HOMOlicious.

Our goal is to entertain, motivate, and inspire you to be HOMOlicious too.




Im a lesbian in my early 40s and I came out late in my late 20s. Im a mother of a great son, a passionate learner and enjoy exploring and having new adventures, and have an amazing relationship with my soul mate. My career paths have taken me from being a Mechanical Designer in Engineering, to a Personal Trainer and owning my own business, and Im currently working in law enforcement. Each of these paths have the same thing in common, helping and improving others, and I will continue that path and see where it leads me.




I am a lesbian in my late 30's and a strong, confident, & passionate leader. I am a mother of a teenager daughter, a self-employed massage practitioner and fitness & nutrition coach, and an active, loving partner to my soul mate. I am very passionate about wanting to help people that want to be helped. My hope is to reach others through the power of social media. I want to help empower people to find love, comfort and security with in themselves.



Why did we create Homolicious Living?

Cortney was inspired to have an outlet to express herself and share her knowledge, and this podcast provides a place for that. When we met, we discovered that we share that passion for helping others. Our chemistry is palpable, we are hilarious and we have so much fun together. We are the best partners in crime and we have complete trust in our ability and dedication to do our best for our listeners each week. We will talk about anything and everything that has to do with having a HAPPY, WHOLESOME and FREE lifestyle.